Loose Screw Designs

You know that beautiful picture of your child - the one that would be perfect if only the little darling didn't have a booger hanging out of their nose?  I want to see it!  Um, because I can lighten or remove those little - ahem - embarrassing items in photos including nasal discharge, drool, milk moustaches, acne, blemishes, birthmarks, scars, bruises and scrapes, bald spot glare, and those spooky red eyes from the camera's flash.  No more demonic photos!  Sometimes, I can also take off a few pounds or even a few chins... just for fun, of course.  Something distracting in the background?  No problem!  I'll make it look like the photo was taken professionally in a studio or simply extract the important items from the picture.   Flash didn't go off when it should have?  Don't delete yet!  Sometimes I can rescue that photo and bring out the images hiding in the darkness.

Do you have heritage photos that need preserving or repairing?  I can remove glue and tape marks, unknown sticky goo or oil spots, scratches, dents, and wrinkles to make that photo look brand new.  Don't throw away those precious family photos just because of damage!  Give me a chance to help you restore and preserve your treasured memories.  Click the image below for more examples of my photo editing work.

Photo Editing